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Friday, September 15, 2006

K-Fed's New Hip Hop "Record"

K-Fed's new hip hop record (I'll call it that just this once) is a joke. Now, that's biased, I know. I haven't listened to the entire disk. Heck, I've only heard his "single" (again, I'll call it that just this once), when he performed it live (yea, I know, just this once) on the Teen Choice Awards.

It was horrible, man, real horrible. I don't even care who I'm talking to, but it doesn't matter. No matter what demographic you're from, you can't appreciate this shit. (To prove my point, I was looking through the Us Weekly forums, and even they, celebrity worshipers, couldn't say one good thing about it).

Did you see the album cover? It's K-Fed sitting on a table, dealing cards. They're also cigarettes, and, err, a drink on fire.

So, anyway, since I don't want to talk about his record - oh, right, sorry, his trash - anymore, I was just wondering what K-Fed means to our generation. Like, who IS he? And have there been people like him in previous generations? Artists who are scrutinized by the press, trashed by the critics and laughed at by the fans?

Ok, Vanilla Ice comes to mind. But then you can't just dismiss K-Fed as Vanilla Ice's sequel; because Ice had a hit single. He had at least two songs that were in the Billboard Top 20, and one (Ice Ice Baby) that was in everyone's minds. K-Fed doesn't have that at all.

You can't compare him to the likes of the Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, or even their distasteful cousins, 98 Degrees and O'Town. Those groups were in the public consciousness because of their singles, as well as their looks and pre-made images. But they weren't images alone; K-Fed is just an image, a rather disturbing one, with a wife beater and smokes. He has no hit singles. No catchy tunes. So why the hell is he so famous?

Ok, so I know this blog isn’t done, but I can’t find a comparison for K-Fed. There are, I’m sure, lots of K-Fed’s in the music industry. I just can’t think of them right now, because I’m real tired.


PS. Sigh of relief, though. Straight hair works for Britney.


Anonymous said...

omg i feel so special being the first to post a comment! but anyway even though we have such different taste in music, i agree. He is such a fucking joke and thats all i gotta say. thanks.

taxali said...

saying we can make fun of K-Fed together baby.