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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Early Beatles

Video sent by LittleBuddha

Man I got the school blues. Buss-ing everyday for two hours, grulling reading sessions. DAMN! So, when nothing else works, you can always rely on the Beatles to cheer you up.

And if you're (yes you) looking for something to get you off your sorry ass - I suggest you go down to the pub first. Have a few with your mates. But if you're tired of getting hangovers, then turn up some Beatles music, circa the Early Years.

If you're tired of schoo, you probably don't want a history lessons, so here's the brief. The Beatles introduced a new sound to music in 1963, and rock n' roll was never same. It was like classic Buddy Holly-Elvis Presley shit, but with more electricity, more atmostphere, more liveliness.

So, here's a tribute to those early tracks which took the rock world by storm. My favorite music genre (Skiffle) is on here, as well as some classic Liverpudlian tracks. It'll cheer you up, mate.

1. The Night Before (Help!) - This track is the signature Skiffle track, curtosy Mecca. It's got a good chorus, and the bridges arn't half ass either. Plus, you'll be singing along in no time to the infectious beat. "We said our good buuuyyyssss .. the night before." It's real moody.

2. What You're Doing (Beatles VI) - Again, this continues the tradition of having a really heavy and - as someone i know would say, "beaty" - chorus. You'll be humming "Girl - what you doinnggg" over and over again. They're a beautiful harmonic duet with the rhythem guitar and electric piano - all laced with a bridge that sounds almoast as good as the chorus. Can't get enough of this song.

3. She's a Woman - This is what I mean by electricty in rock 'n' roll. The guitar starts it of - almost Kink-like - with a steady beat that stays with you the whole song. Then the messy, rough, almoast breaking vocals come in. "My lovvee, don't buy me presents." Been there, done that, eh men?

4. A Hard Day's Night - This is from their film - the "one that we made in black and white. One was black and white, one was colored. This is from the black and white one." That was John introducing this number at the Hollywood Bowl. This song takes you from the first notes, and never really lets go. From the early chorus, to the bridge, to the "when I'm home / everything seems to be right" verses, you just can't go wrong with this song. It's so perfect, with the construction, the rhythem guitar solo, the screams. Everything really does seem to be all right.

5. Can't Buy Me Love - My favorait part? "My baby tells me so ..." But there are many melodies in this tune, and you just can't go wrong, because you'll have to like one part or another. Paul sings this baby with a passion. Just the only thing I don't like about this song is that it's hard to sing along. "I don't care to much for money?" Common, man, my fucking textbooks costs a hundred dollars ...


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