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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rake It Up (Take The Dust)

Here's the song from my mixtape project for Mass Communication at Guelph Humber.

Vocals: Taxali
Lyrics: Taxali
Mixing Sessions: Take 1 and Take 2 w/ Dj Em

People on the streets, man forget dress shoes
Living up in street corners, getting’ off at ‘ses pools
The gun rate, has suddenly come up state, disgusted
It’s like we got a new death ever Sunday
People crying over stupid conflicts
Murder next door, like we room with convicts
Kid coping sticks, in the parking lot with ‘ick
Where’s his momma, she’s supposed to be watching him
Boy’s homeless, in a split second
One day he’s giving tests and the next he’s sleeping under the business section
He might get work, for what his life is worth
He’ll probably spend the night in dirt with two lights and percks
Hop on the bus the next day and get ses paved
Having to cop braids from the money that has last job paid
Wasting quarters in arcades, looking for life in a dark age
Getting’ hammered like a barkeep, words flashing around his eyes like marquee
The whole world around be like an anarchy
He’s living like Hutch and Starsky
Plus he’s broke, living in muddied homes
And rent, how’s he ‘posed to make it up
He can’t even make enough to take the bus and rake it up
‘Cos they’re no office job for a kid who’s off his knocker
He lives by swearing offers, got no money to be wearing Dockers
Ever since he was two he was staring awkward
And slowing cops, working in low end jobs
So take this dust and kick it, he’s just so sick it
The bruise won’t go no where when he lick it

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