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Sunday, September 17, 2006

YouTube: It's the Next FOX News

Sometimes, looking at a picture of something hits you harder than reading about it. Our eyes just seem to explore every nook and cranny of a subject - and it doesn't even have to be a specific thing. Our eyes enduldge everything from sex to tragedy.You know how a picture is worth a thousand words? Sometimes, it's worth a lot more than that. Sometimes, images that you see effect you harder than the words that you take in. (Postman - shoot me now)

That's one of the reasons YouTube is so famous. People can post up anything they want. They can post about themselves - how bloody hot they look in a bikini - or they can post something that's been on the news - like, say, NASA's Mission to the ISS.

And people tune in like they're no tomorrow. Because, really, they're isn't. In the world where images are always flashing (not litterally, perverts) at you, things get old real quick. What was hot today - a video of a cat trying to use the toilet - becomes cold the very next day. People start to wonder why they ever found this cat hillarious to watch. (I actually wondered that from the very first day.)

YouTube all of sudden is the next FOX News. Teens and adults and everyone in between tunes in daily, weekly or monthy, to explore and discover the happenings or a mediocre pop culture.

This became apparent in a tragedy that happened close to home, the other day. In Montreal, at Dawson College, more than a dozen students were shot, one fatally, by a gunman named
Kimveer Gill. Seing the images on the video screens brought back memories of Colorado - where a horrifically similiar version of this event took place, taking the likes of innocent school go-ers at Columbine Highschool.

And while these images were replayed over and over again on Fox, the BBC, CBC, CTV and other local Canadian and American television stations, it was once the videos were posted on YouTube did this whole "image" thing take off. Suddenly, average internet go-ers were given a backstage pass at horror. A YouTuber even said, "This is what YouTube was made for."

I think that a place where a generation can meet up and exchange ideas is good. If that place be YouTube - well, so be it.



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