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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Paul Is Dead!

It's the first ever edition of "The Rumor Mill", where we count down the greatest rumors in Rock N' Roll history. (Okay, so it's a copy of MMM's "Listed", but what are you going to do, right?)

Okay, our rumor this week: Paul Is Dead!

The "Paul Is Dead Hoax" began on a rainy day 8th of November, in 1966, where Paul Mccartney was driving home in a car, after a rather nautious studio session. He spotted a hitchhiker, a young girl, and decided to pick her up. Upon seeing who was driving, the young girl screamed in joy, severly distracting Paul. He sverved to and from the road, and eventually crashed in a blaze of fire. (This crash is apprantly discribed in detail, with audio footage, in "Revolution 9" of the "The Beatles (The White Album)".

The Beatles, distraught with the news of McCartney death, panicked. They didn't want to lose they populatiry they had achieved over the years. So they decided to have a Paul McCartney look-a-like contest. The winner would replace Paul Mccartney, in real life.

William Shears Campbell, Billy Shears won the covetted honor. Of course, he didn't know what he was getting into. From then on, he became Paul McCartney.

Belive it? Don't belive it? Well they're more ...

The ledgend has it that the Beatles left clues on their albums. If you dug though their covers, records and lyrics, you would find clues that would tell you about Paul's death.

The clues are detailed under this beautifully constructed wiki. Check it out yourself. R.I.P Paul ... if you dare ...

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