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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

iWant Apple

Pub - Apple : iMac Ruby
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I'm writing this blog at a Mac store, gawk-eyed at how gorgous Apple products are. I can't even call them products. They're creatures - you don't like them, you love them.

Don't get any ideas, though, I'm not about to go on a date with this sexy little MacBook, with the matte finish, glossy screen and vibrant colors. Yea ... see what I mean?

It's just, looking at this MacBook, along with the iPods and iMacs scattered around the room, it's hard not to be overjoyed at how dazzling technology can be. Now, I'm probably giving off this impression of some weired ass geek, who sits at the back of the class and gots shit down on a piece of paper - the latter part of which may not even be that far from the truth. But I'm not that at all. I'm just a consumer, in world of media. I know - poor me.

And there are millions upon millions of companies that want to sell products to me. It's my job to weed out the garbage - that means cheesy flash MP3 players, bad speakers, and anything that runs Windows. But with all the junk that companies - corporations - try to sell to me, there has always been this one lone star who's never, ever dissapointed me.


When Apple re-introduced the iMac in 1997, I was hooked. I couldn't believe how gorgeous the thing was. An entire computer, fitted together with God hands into a transparent, Blondie-blue frame.

And then they topped themselves a few years later. And then again. iMacs got more beautifull, gained the respect from cititics across the personal computer globe, annd became objects of honor in a world dated with Microsoft's Windows - our villian in this story.

And then, just when you though Apple couldn't hook us anymore, they launched a little MP3 player called the iPod, and changed the way we listend to music.

Even today, with this brand spanking new MacBook I'm writing on, Apple continues to change the way we behave. They have a philosphy that breaks ground as it expands: make beautiful products. Sound familiar? It's the same philosphy used by Hollywood, which employs only the most beautiful people as actors and actresses.

By inventing products which marvel people, Apple has held a spot that no one else in the computer industry has held for long: pop culture supremecy. Their computers are loved, music players adored and laptops, well, just Google MacBook and you'll know what I'm talking about. And why?

The answer is in a phrase of a question. Who doesn't love beauty?



Impactplayah said...

dog you REEALY have to stop hanging out at the Mac store

Ankur said...

I'm doing a review of HBC next. (And I ain't talking about the store, if ya know wat I mean ...)

Impactplayah said...

For the HBC review Im going to have to be there 2 for.. ahem... research

taxali said...

We went. We conqured. You judge wtf happened last nite ...